An Overview of Annual Information System (AIS)

Last Updated On: Nov. 13, 2021, 11:10 p.m.



Central Board of Direct Tax (CBDT) has rolled out the New Annual Information Statement(AIS) on the e-filing portal which provides a comprehensive view of information to a taxpayer with a utility to capture their feedback. The Annual Information System (AIS) can be downloaded or viewed by clicking on the Annual Information System(AIS) under the Services Tab on the new e-filing portal.Form 26AS will be displayed on TRACES portal in parallel till new AIS is completely operational. Taxpayer can provide feedback on information displayed in AIS.


The New AIS includes information related to interest, dividend, securities transactions, mutual fund transactions, foreign remittance information etc. The reported information has been processed to remove duplicate information. Taxpayer will be able to download AIS information in PDF, JSON, CSV formats.


Incorrect/ Wrong information can be modified in AIS on the e-filling portal.

Here are the steps how we can do it:


  • Login to e filing portal by visit Income Tax e filing portal at
  • Click on Login button and If the user is not already registered, then user can register button
  • Enter user ID ( Aadhaar/ Other User ID) on the login page of and continue
  • Enter password for e filing account and confirm secure access message and Click Continu
  • E-filing portal home page will be displayed. To access AIS Click the “Annual Information Statement ( under Services tab) Click Proceed on the redirect to AIS Homepage message.
  • On successful redirection, AIS homepage on Compliance Portal will be displayed. AIS Instructions will be the default landing page, providing key instructions for AIS functionality.

Under AIS Tab, Taxpayer Information Summary and Annual Information Statement tiles will be displayed. Annual Information Statement is comprehensive view of information for a taxpayer displayed in Form 26 AS. Taxpayer Information Summary is an information category wise information summary for a taxpayer. Click AIS or TIS to access relevant functionality.


Are you a Taxpayer? do you want to submit feedback?


You can submit feedback on active information displayed under TDS/TCS Information, SFT Information or Other information by following below mentioned steps:

  • Click on “Optional” button mentioned in the Feedback column for relevant information. You will be directed to ‘Add Feedback’ screen.
  • Choose the relevant feedback option and enter the feedback details (dependent on feedback option).
  • Click “Submit” to submit the feedback


The feedback options will be displayed on each Information detail. You will be able to select only one of the available options for submitting feedback. Feedback options are as follows:

1) Information is correct

If the information belongs to you and all the attributes of the Information are correct.



2) Information is denied

If you are unaware of this information/transaction and want to deny that the said information pertains to you.


3) Customised feedback

The feedback option will be displayed based on the information category.


4) Information is not fully correct

If the information belongs to you, but all the attributes of the Information are not correct. Upon selecting this option, relevant information fields will be displayed, and you will be able to update correct information details. e.g.- Account number, Information value, etc.


5) The Information relates to other PAN/year


If you are aware of the Information, but it belongs to other person or other year e.g. joint ownership of property or receiving of mentioned amount in another year.


6) Information is duplicate/included in other information

If the information displayed is already included in another information or it is a duplicate information.




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