Before filing your Income Tax return do this!!

Last Updated On: Nov. 29, 2021, 10:31 p.m.


Every taxpayer who are liable to file the tax, can use their DSC to file the returns online. This has not only made the process of submitting returns hassle-free but it has also reduced the chances of getting robbed or fooled by unwanted brokers. However, to submit or e-file income tax returns online, taxpayers should affix their Digital Signature for income tax e-filing to the tax return document, so that the officials can validate it.


What is DSC and Why is it required?

Digital Signature Certificate (DSC) is the electronic format of a physical or paper certificate. DSC serves as proof of identity of an individual or Organization for a certain purpose online / on computer. DSC authenticates and electronic document like how a handwritten signature authenticates a printed / handwritten document. DSC can be used to e-Verify returns filed by a taxpayer and is also mandatory in some cases.


emsigner is a utility that is required for DSC registration. It has different versions suitable to different websites. For registering the DSC, a hyperlink to download and install the emsigner utility is available on the e-Filing portal.



Utilization of DSC for Income Tax E-filing

when any of the taxpayers decide to fill their Income Tax Return, it becomes a mandatory for him to have a secured electronic form of signature i.e. Digital Signatures. Having a digital signature for income tax return makes it easy for the taxpayer to file their returns.


Features of DSC:

  • Make online transactions secure and authentic.
  • The application of DSC offers more security than any other conventional or electronic signature.
  • The application of DSC on the income tax portal establishes the ownership of a domain.
  • Once the document is signed, it remains secure and cannot be edited or altered in any way after signing.
  • Not only India’s but the majority of the world’s governments recognize digital signatures.
  • It reduces the risks of hacking or phishing emails to steal sensitive data are minimum





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