VPP Scam post incorporation of Company

Last Updated On: March 17, 2020, 4:12 p.m.

The below information is important for you if you have either registered your Company/LLP or are planning to do the same. Please read the entire article carefully to save yourselves from scammers.

 Details relating to Promoters / Directors of Private Limited Company or Limited Liability Partnership (LLP) have to be submitted to the Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA).

 This information is available in public domain on the website of Ministry of Corporate Affairs.

 Some scammers take advantage of this public information and con new Companies or LLPs with their money.


This article is aimed at creating awareness amongst Entrepreneurs not to be a victim of VPP Scam of Company Incorporation, LLP Registration and DIN

To know more about this scam, we need to understand what is VPP.

 VPP is Value Payable Post service offered by India Post.

 VPP is designed to meet the requirements of persons who wish to pay for the articles sent to them at the time of receipt of article. Items such as Parcels, Letters, BOOKS etc can be sent through VPP and the payment is collected at the time of delivery. However, the receiver may decide whether to receive the parcel or not.

In other words, VPP is similar to Cash on Delivery (COD) offered by ecommerce stores. However ecommerce stores send Cash on Delivery only when the same is requested by the customers.

 VPP Parcel is sent on obtaining Director’s Identification Number (DIN) and/or on incorporation of Private Limited Company or LLP.

 When Director Identification Number (DIN)/CIN/LLPIN is applied for an individual, the current residential/registered address is provided to the MCA.

 The scammers obtain name and residential address from the MCA Portal and send some books to that address.

It is advisable not to accept this kind of parcel. It is of no use to you as they will send some old material which is of no value to you and as you have recently registered so phsycoligically they know you would be keen to have any material/book related to your startup.

Few banks also approach the Companies and their promoters for opening of Bank Account by getting the information from MCA portal. Just get your current account opened basis the ease of reach to branch and service quality of the bank after consultation with a professional or your startup eco-system.

It is therefore very important for all the entrepreneurs / promoters to remember that MCA never sends any information or communication through VPP. It is advised not to accept any such VPP if not ordered by you.

This article is written in public interest and for the benefit of masses, kindly forward it to your co-founders and other colleagues in the ecosystem, this will help in spreading awareness and startups can be saved from this planned scam.


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