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Last Updated On: March 16, 2019, 3:35 p.m.

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Since the Government has declared on the GST Portal that the Registration Certificate(RC) will be issued after 3 working days after the generation of Application Reference Number (ARN). Therefore these 3 working days will be calculated as per the Holiday List available on the GST Common Portal.

For Instance, A person has applied for the New GST Registeration and the ARN has been generated on the submission of the Application on 7 July, Friday. Thereafter he will be issued the Registration Certificate after 12th July,Wednesday because of the Exclusion of the Holidays ie. Saturday(as per the GST Holiday List) and Sunday(public holiday) or it may extend if there is any other Holiday listed in the List provided on the GST Portal.

The GST Holidays may differ from one state to another so it is advisable for the taxable person to view the List as per their respective States.

Likewise the Holiday List available on the GST Portal will apply to all the Provisions of the GST Act.

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