Documentation Identification Number (DIN) under GST

Last Updated On: Oct. 16, 2020, 10:49 p.m.


What is DIN under GST?

The Central Board of Indirect Taxes and Customs has taken the initiative to start a system that would generate a Document Identification Number (DIN) in the view of digitalizing and securing all the communications happening between CBIC and the registered individuals and taxpayers.


What is DIN under Income Tax?

Document Identification Number was first introduced by Income Tax. Now, in the view to protect and safeguard the GST taxpayers to increase the accountability and transparency under the Indirect Tax mechanism. CBIC is starting this system under GST.


When will the DIN code be used?

As per the orders by the CBIC, DIN will be used in cases where GST inquiries are going on, and search warrants pertaining to them have been issued.

According to the CBIC, the documents issued after 8th November 2019 will have DIN. DIN will confirm the authenticity of the communication.

The Authenticity of such communications can be ascertained by the recipient. In such circumstances, the recipient will have to quote the CBIC-DIN of the specific communication in the window “ VERIFY CBIC DIN on the CBIC website.



DIN is digitally generated as an alphanumeric code by the system in the format of CBIC-YYYY MM ZCDR NNNN.

YYYY- The year in which DIN is generated.

MM- The month in which DIN is generated.

ZCDR- Zone Commissionerate Division Range Code.

NNNN- Alphanumeric randomly generated code by system.


Benefits of Document Identification Number (DIN):

The latest introduction of the Document identification number code has made some of the best changes in the procedure through which the tax department and taxpayer communicate.

  • Transparency Within the Government Department Working
  • Complete Conversation Between Taxpayer and Tax Department
  • Solve Problems of the Taxpayers
  • Protect the Rights of the Taxpayers

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