Application form for Amendment of GST Registration

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As per Rule 19 under Central Goods and Services Tax 2017, it Covers the provisions relating to filing of an application for amendment in GST Registration. Form GST REG-14 is used to be filed electronically for amending the application of GST Registration.

The procedure of amendment of GST Registration wholly depends on the field/s on which it is to be an amendment. Basically, the amendment of GST Registration is divided into core fields amendment and Non-core fields amendment.

It is important to take the approval of GST Officials for the amendment of GST registration of Core fields.



  • Change in legal name or trade name of the business
  • Principal Place of Business.
  • Additional Place of Business
  • Addition or deletion of Partner or Karta or Managing Director and Whole-time Director or Member of Managing Committee of Associations or Board of Trustees or Chief Executive Officer/ equivalent.

Note: There should not be a change in PAN.


  • Change in the details of the authorized signatory.
  • Modification of Stakeholder details like partner or promoter or Karta.
  • Addition of bank account details.
  • Points to be noted while amending the registration of GST:
  • Any change in the constitution, the same will result in Permanent Account Number(PAN), in such cases, the applicant is required to apply for fresh GST Registration.
  • In case of amendment of Core fields, after due verification, the proper officer is required to approve the amendment application within a period of fifteen working days from the date of filing of an application in Form GST REG-14.
  • However, in case of amendment of Non-Core fields, the details will get auto-approval, and accordingly the same will be reflected in the GST portal.
  • If the proper officer is not satisfied with the amendment. Then, he can issue a notice in Form GST REG-03.
  • Based on the notice, the applicant can file an appropriate reply in Form GST REG-04. However, if not satisfied with the reply filed, the proper officer can pass an order rejecting the amendment application in Form GST REG-05.



Based on the amendment of Core fields and Non-Core fields, the applicant is required to follow the below steps for filing an application in Form GST REG-14 for the relevant amendment-

STEP 1- Visit site and click Login.

STEP 2- Enter the appropriate ‘Username’ and ‘Password’. Further, enter the Characters shown and click LOGIN.

STEP 3- Based on the amendment of the field, select following path-

  • Amendment of Core fields-
  • Services > Registration > Amendment of Registration Core Fields.
  • Amendment of Non-Core fields-
  • Services > Registration > Amendment of Registration Non-Core Fields.

STEP 4- Edit the details to be amended and upload the documents, if any.

STEP 5- File the application using either Digital Signature Certificate i.e., DSC or EVC.





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