How to check FSSAI License online?

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FSSAI stands for the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India, which is responsible for the issuance of food licenses to Food Business Operators. It was incorporated by the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare; the Government of India is accountable for setting up standards for selling, packaging, or storage of food items in India. Additionally, it was set up under the Food Safety and Standards Act, 2006.

In the Same way all proprietary food units require to get FSSAI registration/license. Proprietary food means an article of food that has not been standardized under these regulations, but does not include any novel food, foods for special dietary use, foods for special medical purposes, functional foods, nutraceuticals, health supplements and such other articles of food which the central government may notify in this behalf.

It is essential for food business operators like manufacturers, traders, and food store owners to obtain the Basic FSSAI Registration. Furthermore, there are two types of food licenses depending on the size or scale of the food business, namely, FSSAI License and Basic FSSAI Registration.


What are the Benefits of Getting an FSSAI License?

Basic FSSAI Registration is mandatory for anyone who aims to do food business. This not only involves food preparation but also who handles food at various stages before it eventually reaches the customer like -

  • Raw materials,
  • Manufacturing,
  • processing,
  • Mess,
  • Canteen 


What is meant by FSSAI License Number?

The FSSAI number is a 14 digit number that gives all the record  to the FSSAI authorities. This number is partitioned into 5 sections.

First digit - reflects whether the business is registered or not.

Second & third digit - Are for state code.

Fourth & fifth digit - Tell the year in which the business was enrolled or enlisted.

Sixth, seventh & eight digit - the quantity of enrolling master is reflected.

Nine - Fourteen - Are the maker's permit number.


Things to remember about FSSAI License Number:


  • The 14 digit FSSAI License number acquired by the authority and its logo must be put on the packaged product. The shade of the logo and number showed will be conversely with the background if there should arise an occurrence of numerous units.
  • At the point when the importers import a product, they need to show the number of FSSAI along with name and address of the importer.
  • The measure of the letters and the numerals of the license number ought to be as endorsed in Food Safety and Standard (Packaging and Labeling) Regulation, 2011.
  • Showing the FSSAI logo and number on the item mirrors that the nourishment business administrator has a legitimate permit under the FSSAI Act, 2006.
  • The permit number ought to be put on the addresses of the various units on the mark of the item. Additionally, the quantity of the delivering organization should likewise be shown alongside the number.
  • A food business operator is engaged to put this logo and number just till the legitimacy of the license got by the Food Safety and Standards.


How to check FSSAI License Number Online step-wise?

FSSAI License Validity Check can be done in 4 simple steps, given below:

  • Visit FSSAI License Number Check at LegalDocs website.
  • Enter your 14 digits valid FSSAI registration no & search.
  • You will receive a short description on the screen.
  • Login and know the entire details of your FSSAI license status.




1. Aware The Consumers

Consumers are becoming more mindful of the nature & quality of their food, which deserves to give many thanks to today’s digital world. Therefore, holding a valid Basic FSSAI Registration allows for enhancing the level of food credibility and chances of businesses to improve.


2. Ensures Goodwill And Brand Image

The FSSAI logo can ensure goodwill among consumers, which is widely recognized in the food market.


3. Creates Trustworthiness

It makes food as well as quality more reliable and, trustworthy on science-based principles.


4. Rationalization

Streamlines all the processes occupied from manufacturing to distribution as well as the sale of the food products in the market.


5. Maintains Cleanliness And Hygiene

The important facet of cleanliness and hygiene are followed and regulated when FSSAI registration is concerned.


6. Expansion And Growth

FSSAI registration positively influence the production and dependability of the company. Therefore, FSSAI license registration gives it a huge chance for a business to expand and grow.


7. Provides Quality Assurance

FSSAI is also liable for setting procedures and guidelines for the attributed labs' quality assurance as per ISO17025. This enables the customer to think the product is safe to consume in any aspect, as it adheres with the guidelines prescribed by the FSSAI Authority


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