Important Upcoming GST System Enhancement

Last Updated On: Oct. 8, 2021, 10:50 p.m.

Important Upcoming GST System Enhancement



♦ Auto-Interest Computation in R-3B/CMP-8/R-5

♦ Negative Liability in GSTR-3B

♦ Changes in Comparison Report



♦ Converting IGST Refund withheld cases at ICEGATE into RFD-01

♦ Refund of Advances paid but supplies not made under development

♦ Refund to be filed by the Unregistered person under development



♦ Mandating Aadhaar Authentication at BO for the taxpayers applying for —Refund and Revocation application

♦ Additional document upload functionality for taxpayer in GST REG 05/REG19/REG20 and to show uploaded document to BO

♦ Temp ID —search functionality, enhancements like —reset password, change email /mobile number and link it with new registration process.

♦ Enabling EVC option even for Companies/ LLP in registration module

♦ Geo-Spatial data Integration for taxpayers to help declaring correct address


Tech Enhancement

♦ Outward Supply Statement (GSTR-1) Code optimization for performance improvement

♦ Single Onetime Authentication Key (STAK) to make the OTP authentication in return filing more reliable and faster

♦ Geo-Coding for facilitating taxpayers and tax administrations

♦  Advance cyber security analytics and proactive threat hunting

♦  Capability to build unplanned BCP-DR drill to improve redundancy in the IT system



♦ Advance Ruling Search Functionality

♦ Appeal, Rectification of Mistakes and Appeal Effect related Functionalities

♦  Recon and on demand call APIs for Bills of Entry data of Customs

♦ Front Office Revamp to improve taxpayers experience

♦ AATO and validations in return, registration etc.

♦ Removal of Contact Details — Mobile No. and e-mail from Search Taxpayers



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