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Last Updated On: July 23, 2021, 11:53 p.m.

CMP-08 Return 


What is GST CMP 08 Form?

Form GST CMP-08 is a special return form/statement that is used by the ‘specified persons’ to fill the summary/details of their self-assessed liability or self-assessed tax for any given quarter.

Apart from this, such specified persons are also required to file their annual returns with the help of FORm GSTR-4 on or before April 30 following the end of a particular fiscal year.


Who Should File GST CMP 08 Form?

A taxpayer who opted composition scheme is required to file GST CMP 08 for depositing payment quarterly.


GST CMP 08 Due Date

Period(Quarterly) Due Dates
1st Quarter – April to June 2021 18th July 2021
2nd Quarter – July to September 2021 18th October 2021
3rd Quarter – October to December 2021

18th January 2022

4th Quarter – January to March 2022 18th April 2022


Interest Applicability on Late Payment of GST CMP 08

In case we take an example, a missed taxpayer accumulates 100018/1001/365 = Rs. 0.49 for a single day under which the fluctuation is based on final payable tax & total days missed.


Note: “Relaxations in filing Form CMP-08 for Composition Taxpayers : For Quarter of Jan-March, 2021, instead of 18th April, 2021, Composition Taxpayers can now file their quarterly return in Form CMP-08, without interest up to 3rd May, 2021, with 9% reduced interest between 4th May to 18th May, 2021, and with 18% interest from 19th May, 2021 onwards.”


Penalty on Missing GST CMP 08 Return

If a particular taxpayer fails to furnish his returns on or before the due dates mentioned above, he/she must pay a late fee of INR 50/day, i.e., INR 25/day CSGT and INR 25/day IGST in case of any tax liability. On the other hand, if there is a NIL tax liability, then the aforementioned late fee gets reduced to INR 20/day, i.e., INR 10/day CSGT and INR 10/day IGST. One must also note that the late fee is also subject to a maximum of INR 5000 starting from the due date to the actual date of return filing by the taxpayer.



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