List of Documents to be carried at AGM for Inspection

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The Companies Act, 2013, as amended from time to time, read with rules made thereunder (the “Act”), has provided numerous powers and rights to members, debenture holders and other stakeholders which includes, but not limited to, inspection of statutory financial records, agreements and register of the company as prepared according to the provisions of the Act.

Further, to maintain transparency and good corporate governance, members have right to take extract of such records and register, by paying fee as prescribed under the Act, for getting copies of such inspected documents. The list of the documents which are required to be kept at the Annual General Meeting (“AGM”) venue by the company are as follows:


Sl.No Section Provisions
1. Section 145 – Auditor
If   Auditor   has provided  any  qualifications, observations or comments on financial transactions or matters, which  have any adverse effect on the functioning of the company, then it shall be open to inspection by any member of the company.
2. Section189 – Register of Contracts or Arrangements in   Which   Directors   are
Companies  shall   require  to  prepare  and   disclose following details in its register in prescribed format i.e. MBP – 4, if applicable, and the same shall also be kept open for inspection to any person attending the AGM of the company:

i. Disclosure under Section 184(1) – Interest of Directors or KMP in other companies, bodies corporate, firms   or     other   association    of
individuals, in Form MBP -1;

ii.  Disclosure under Section 184(2) – Contracts or arrangements with a body corporate or firm or any other entity, in which any director is, directly or indirectly, concerned or interested;

iii. Disclosure under Section 188 – Contracts or arrangements with a related party.

3. Para 6.8 of SS-2 Proxies Register shall be made available for inspection during the period beginning from 24 hours before AGM time till AGM conclusion time.
4. Para  1.2.5   of    Secretarial

Standard – 2 on General Meetings (“SS-2”)

All the documents, contract, agreement, referred in the AGM Notice along with the relevant explanatory statement, which includes but not limited to the following, shall be available for inspection:

i.  Statutory Auditor Report;

ii. Secretarial Auditor Report;

iii. Eligibility certificate from the Auditor;

iv.  Letter and brief profile, in case of appointment of Director;

v. Memorandum of Association; and

vi.  Articles of Association; etc.

5. SEBI (Share Based Employee  Benefits)
Regulations, 2014
Certificate from Auditors of the Company, certifying that the Employee Stock Option Scheme of the Company is being implemented in accordance with the SEBI (Share Based Employee  Benefits) Regulations, 2014 and shall be available for inspection in the meeting, if any.
6. Section 171 –       Inspection right of Members of the Company Every company shall maintain a register of its Directors and Key Managerial   Personnel    (“KMP”) and their shareholding, in accordance with Section 170 of the Act, which require to be kept open for inspection by any person attending the AGM of the company.



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