Memorandum Of Association Objects of different Companies- II

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Printers object is to on carrying their business in India or outside India in the fields of

  • Readymade textile,
  • customized textile,
  • printing on any other materials,
  • publishers, typesesster,
  • DPT operators, proofreaders,
  • binders, cutter, perforators,

copyright of the owner and to deal with all goods, articles, and things necessary for the attainment of the above objects.

To carry on the business in India or abroad as a manufacturer, traders, fabricators, exporters and importers of all kinds of clothing, readymade garments, jewelry, footwear, handbags, beauty products, and all accessories related to fashion & lifestyle products, or to act as agents, sub-agents, wholesalers, retailers, representatives, commission agents, franchisers and dealers of all kinds of textile clothing, wearing apparel, cosmetics, jute, linens, furnishing fabrics and fabrics of all kinds of readymade garments and clothing, lingerie, hosiery, footwear’s, & accessories in India or abroad.



1. To carry on the business of Software designing, development, customization, implementation, maintenance, testing and benchmarking, designing, developing and dealing in computer software and Artificial Intelligence Solutions, Natural Language Process

2. To carry on the business of dealing and maintenance of computer hardware, computer systems and assemble data processors, program designs and to buy, sell or otherwise deal in such hardware and software packages and all types of tabulating machine, accounting machines, calculators, computerized telecommunication systems and network, their components, spare parts, equipment and devices and to carry on the business of establishing, running and managing institutions, school, and academics for imparting education in computer technology, offering equipment, solutions, and services for networking and network management, data center management and in providing consultancy services in all above-mentioned areas.

3. To develop, provide, undertake, design, import, export, distribute and deal in Systems and application software for microprocessor-based information systems, offshore software development projects, internet service provider, and solutions in all areas of application including those in Emerging niche segments like Internet and Intranet website applications solutions software enterprise, resource planning, e-commerce, value-added products, and other business applications either for its own use for sale in India or for export outside India and to design and develop such systems and application software for and on behalf of manufacturers owners and users of a computer, telecom, digital, electronic equipment in India or elsewhere in the world.

4. To carry on in India the business of marketing, promoting, advertising franchising, or dealing in any of the above activities both in internal and external markets, on digital media or any other online or digital means, on its own or through any sort or nature and to appoint sub-franchisees, etc., for any of the above purposes, in India or elsewhere and marketing through online marketing, digital marketing in various sites.



While employees are traveling on a business trip, the employees are required to use their personal money for the company expenditure.

Automation of your expense aims at reducing work for your employees, valuation of time, and for the betterment of the business

1. They carry on the Research and development, designing, manufacturing, and trading in all types of computer software, especially in providing holistic and end-to-end travel and expense automation along with a one-stop solution for travel expenses for all Corporate Businesses developed with the best Artificial Intelligence induced technology and in all other areas including Management Information Services, database services, industrial applications, Office Systems, Desktop Publishing, Communications including telecommunications and satellite communication, CAD/ CAM, Animation Operating systems, Utilities and all other developments in the field of computers.

2. To render consultancy services and services in the field of software development, software export, information and data processing, computer systems, communications, Operation research, and technical services including commercial exploitation, export, import and to act as dealers, authorized representatives of the same. To depute personnel to design and develop software in India and abroad, and to start Technology parks in India and abroad and to undertake research and development, promote excellence and leadership in computer science, modern mathematics, and to provide for such research and development including conducting and participating in seminars, workshops, exhibitions, conferences and the like and to obtain technical know-how, literature, brochures, technical data etc.



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