Reasons why FSSAI License gets Delayed

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FSSAI Registration process is very simple and easy but there are certain circumstances where applicants come across uncessary delays. If you are facing the same issue, this article will give you the solution



Who needs FSSAI License?

People or entities who wish to start their businesses in food sector have to obtain FSSAI License in order to carry any food related business. Entities need FSSAI License depending upon the eligibility and the type of business they wish to run. Based on that, there are two types of FSSAI License. Let’s discuss about it using the table given below;

FSSAI Regional Offices functioning all over the nation issues the Central License and can be issued and renewed for a period of 1 to 5 years.


How to get FSSAI License?

Here given are the steps to obtain the FSSAI License by the food business owners:

  • First the applicant has to submit Form A to Food & Safety department.
  • The Food & Safety department may accept or reject the application. The department also intimates the applicant in written. This process takes seven days.
  • The Food & Safety department issues a registration certificate if the application is accepted.
  • After the completion of these steps the applicant receives the license.


Reason why the license gets delayed

According to the discussion held by the FSSAI Authority the main reason why the food business operators face delay in getting FSSAI License are here as under:

The food license gets delayed because lots of applications are left unaddressed by the Designated Officer (DO).

And, a numerous applications are sent back to the FBOs because they fail to reply to the queries put up by Licensing Authority within 30 days.


Suggestions where you can avoid delay in FSSAI License

Here are the tips to avoid the delay in receiving the FSSAI License. Let’s discuss these one by one:

  • Select the suitable kind of food business
  • Select the right kind of Food Product Categorization Code
  • Upload correct documents
  • Find your eligibility for license/registration, according to your type of business
  • Be ready for the inspection of your food business
  • Know the mandatory conditions of food business license
  • Know about all payment modes and the treasury heads
  • Nominate a technical person for supervision of production process
  • Nominate a person for following the conditions of the license
  • Keep in handy a No Objection Certificate (NOC) from Central Ground Water Authority (CGWA) in the case where ground water is used for food processing.



Food businesses need food license to operate. They can choose the tenure of the license according to their preference which can be from 1 to 5 years, but to avoid penalty food business operators need to renew their license occasionally. They need to renew their license 120 days after the expiry of license.

Following steps to be followed to renew FSSAI License:

  • Visit FSSAI official government site.
  • Login with username and password
  • Click on apply for renewal for license/registration.
  • Select from the list and click proceed
  • A warning massage appears on the screen stating “Are you sure you want to apply for renewal of the license”. Click ok
  • Upload required documents
  • Review the form and click on submit

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