Details of Registration Cum Membership Certificate (RCMC)

Last Updated On: June 5, 2020, 1:31 p.m.


What is RCMC?

Registration cum Membership Certificate is a certificate that is issued by an export promotional council or commodity board of India. This Certificate is proof that an exporter is registered with the council or Board.

Is RCMC Mandatory?

Yes, An exporter is required to get the certificate for availing various benefits under the Foreign Trade policy.

Benefits of RCMC

  1. Assistance in exportation – EPC will facilitate and assist the exporter member regarding the concerns of export, related to specific countries, promotional activities etc. will be done by EPC.
  2. Exposure in international markets in way of exhibitions, fairs and other promotional events leading to gaining wider market for exporter’s products.
  3. Government Incentives like duty drawback can be easily availed as EPC work along with the government for facilitating the foreign trade.

RCMC is Mandatory to whom??

Any person applying for –

  • Import/ export authorization of restricted items or
  • Any person applying for availing benefits of export concessions and other incentives under foreign trade policy.

RCMC Application Process

  1. Application is to be filed in Form ANF 2C with EPC
  2. Two categories under which such application has to be made :
  • Merchant exporter
  • Manufacturing exporter
  1. An exporter must declare his / her main nature of business-like cloth, coconut, spices, etc. they will be directed to the related board for application.
  2. Multi-product exporter or exporter whose business does not have separate boards then they can apply for RCMC from Federation of Indian Exporters Organization (FIEO)

Documents needed to be submitted along with the application

  1. Application form.
  2. Self-certified copy of the IEC number.
  3. Self-certified copy of PAN.
  4. Self-certified copy of MOA/ partnership deed/ trust deed.
  5. Self-certified copy of the Registration certificate of company/ partnership firm/ society/trust
  6. A copy of 3 years Services Export Data (Foreign Exchange returns) certified by CA
  7. Self-certified copy of the GST registration certificate.
  8. Along with Demand draft or cheque written on “Services Export Promotion council” having membership fee and payable at New Delhi or at any bank branch, respectively.

Compliance after RCMC is received

Every RCMC holder must furnish quarterly return/ details of exports made to related registering authority or EPC or board or FIEO and then send them in a specified format to FIEO.

Other Points to be noted

  • Certificate of registration as an exporter of spices (CRES) issued by the Spice board will be taken as RCMC for EPC purposes.
  • A total number of 26 EPC and 9 commodities boards are available for issuing RCMC for different products the EPC and commodities board relate to, if none then FIEO will issue general RCMC.
  • Tenure of RCMC is restricted to 5 years – meaning every 5 years it needs to be renewed or applied for.


In case of violation, The Export Promotional Council will de-register the exporter for a specific period of time for violation of conditions of registration.


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