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There can be many reasons of non-reflection like non filing of TDS statement by payer, quoting wrong PAN etc. So, the payee has to contact the payer for finding out the correct reason for non-reflection.

It can be seen in FORM 26AS or one can ask his/her deductor to issue TDS certificate.

The details can be updated by making an application either online or through the existing network of TIN-FCs. For further details refer to TIN website.

In case of TDS/TCS related entries intimate your deductor/collector. In case of advance tax or assessment tax entries, contact assessing officer.

One should take up the matter with your bank because it may be possible due to wrong entry by bank.

In this case, the details of TDS/TCS cannot be posted into FORM 26AS.

After furnishing TDS/TCS statements, details are uploaded in TIN central system; challan information from the statements and the challan information uploaded by banks are matched and FORM 26AS is updated.

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