Trademark Assignment

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Trademark Assignment

A trademark is a distinctive expression comprising of a word, slogan, photograph, logo, graphic, etc. which distinguishes the product or service from others. It is like an asset to the owner. So, it can be sold, assigned, licensed, etc. by the owner. If the owner decides to assign the trademark, it can be done easily by way of an assignment deed showing the intention of the assignor to transfer the trademark or shift ownership in favor of the assignee.

It can be assigned permanently or for a limited time or a limited number of products or services. An assignment deed is necessary to effectuate the assignment of a trademark for avoiding any future legal issues. Both registered & unregistered trademarks can be assigned. This assignment needs to be recorded with the registrar. This trademark assignment can be done through Legal Suvidha Providers.

Why Trademark Assignment?

BENEFIT TO BOTH ASSIGNOR & ASSIGNEE Trademark assignment benefits both assignors in terms of unlocking brand value which was till time only on papers & assignees in terms of entering the market with an already known brand.
LEGAL VALUE Through an assignment deed, legal rights can be established easily in case of future disputes.

Trademark Assignment Process

Documents required

1. TM Certificate

2. Details of Party

3. NOC from the original owner

Frequently Asked Questions

Firstly, the trademark assignment agreement is duly executed then an online trademark assignment procedure is to be followed. This application is filed with the Registry in the prescribed form along with the payment of a prescribed fee.

Stamp Duty should be paid. The rate of stamp duty shall be calculated based on the consideration agreed by the Parties. The effective date of the Assignment shall be expressly provided.

Yes, you can provide the rights of using the Trademark without the transfer of ownership.

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