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Trademark Renewal

A trademark is a distinctive expression comprising of a word, slogan, photograph, logo, graphic, etc. which distinguishes the product or service from others. It is like an asset to the owner. But it also has an expiry date i.e. it is valid only for 10 years. This trademark protection can be extended for another 10 years by way of filing a renewal application in Form TM-R.

The trademark can be renewed from time to time for an unlimited period on the timely payment of fees. Unable to renew the trademark will result in the removal of the same. Therefore, Trademark renewal is the core part of Trade Mark Management because the Trademark is a graphical presentation and the Identity of business needed to be protected from infringement.

The period of filing Trademark Renewal request is within six months before the expiry of Registration or renewal. The Registrar shall send the notice as a reminder to the registered trademark owner before the 6 months is up. If you still don’t apply for renewal the Registrar may advertise its intention to remove the trademark in the Trademarks Journal.

But, don’t worry Trademark renewal request can also be filed within 6 months after the expiry of registration or renewal along with late filing fees. Legal Suvidha IP expert will help you in filing a renewal application.

Why Trademark Renewal?

CONTINUOUS PROTECTION Filing Renewal application ensures continuous legal protection to your trademark every time for another 10 years.
BRAND VALUE Renewal of a trademark ensures consistent brand value as the customers will get used to your brand. If the renewal of the trademark is not done then you have to create the brand value again which is a tedious task.
PROTECTING UNIQUE IDENTITY Renewal of trademark ensures the protection of unique identity for a long time which increases the trust & goodwill of your brand & at the same time restricts others to use any similar trademark.

Trademark Renewal Process

Documents required

1. Power of attorney/authorization certificate

2. Trademark registration certificate

3. ID & Address Proof of the Applicant

4. A copy of TM-A

Frequently Asked Questions

Firstly we have to file form TM-R for the renewal of Trademark within six months before or after the expiry of Trademark with the prescribed fee.

We will file a Trademark application for renewal within 1 day from the date of completion of the document from the Client.

The trademark is renewed for another 10 years every time the renewal application is filed.

Yes, it is possible to do the trademark renewal anytime within 6 months of the expiration of the expiry of the previous Trademark Registration by filing TM-R with the prescribed late renewal fee.

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